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Why I Make Zero-Waste Tasty Videos

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compost in wire bin in garden
wally eberhart/Getty Images
winter compost bin in garden
doris kindersley/Getty Images
Layered compost in a compost container
dave king/Getty Images

Winter compost bin in garden
doring kindersley/Getty Images
CU as abov
Zac Motion Images Limited/Getty Images
saving still edible food
captamotion/Getty Images
polar bear (ursus maritimus)
eyal bartov/Getty Images
thousands of black kites foraging on a huge rubbish dump
gal productions/Getty Images
raccoons with young ones running on grass
john and janet foster/Getty Images
millax/Getty Images
press digital/Getty Images
male hands in rich soil
john james wood/Getty Images
flipping a lot of ground plant. mixing a bunch of plants
noun/blosmotion/Getty Images
filling up the wheelbarrow
mgost/Getty Images
elaineodell/Getty Images
germinating plants
voshadi/Getty Images
a carrot from peeling to compost and planting
lostinbids/Getty Images
growing green plants agriculture time lapse
muravlov/Getty Images
mountainous landscape
simonkr/Getty Images
Aerial view
pigtar/Getty Images
Vertical Aerial View
Gal Productions/Getty Images
The Rapid Growth Of Spring Onions, time-lapse/
aleksask/Getty Images

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  1. I pick up beef fat from the butcher, they just throw it out. I fry it and chop it up into little bits and mix in whatever I eat, poor the grease in too!

    Keto is fun.

  2. Well probably the most baffling thing about this video is the fact that you speak of not letting things go to waste… But when you cut the vegetables you throw / put in that bin a good part of them. For instance the red bellpeper… That was like 1/4 of it… I can agree that letting things go to waste is a bad thing. But the same can be said about cutting produce just for the big chunks that look appealing.


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