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We Tried Salvador Dali’s Strange Egg Recipe

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  1. “Sexual freedom“ also called cheating. I don't have problens with these relationships… the thing I am wondering about this is… why evwn marry at this point??

  2. Who else is shocked she doesn't want to judge? If you abandon your kid, you're a piece of shit. Doesn't matter if you are a woman or not.

  3. Easier to remove the egg from the shell like this if you blow in one hole. My grandmother and I used to do.this when I was a kid and color the hollowed shells for decorations.

  4. THEY ARE A COUPLE??? I thought he was her gay bff! In the Audrey Hepburn video he was yelling, "Show me the men! I want men!!!" – – I am so confused.

  5. Gala was his muse, I believe that. But just because you admire someone and they inspire you, doesn't mean they're the love of your life. His impotence in bed with her + the fact he had many homosexual relations makes me think she was nothing more than his beard. I mean he was a Franco supporter, mainly because he was scared shitless of the regime, that's why he denounced fellow artists in hiding, to protect himself and his image. So all in all there are many clues that point out Dalí was probably gay, just not completely out of the closet. Sadly even though he was talented, he was also a coward and a scumbag.

  6. I'm gonna take this time to grandstand a little bit about Dali:
    Some of his most famous and we'll recognized paintings were created while he was in an asylum receiving actual treatment for his mental illness. Often when his illness was it's worst he wouldn't paint at all. It wasn't his illness that made him paint, and the stereotype of a "suffering artist" is not only wrong but harmful.


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