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Vegan Cupcakes 4 Ways

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  1. Personally, I find cakes and cupcakes made with coconut butter too dry. I would use vegetable or canola oil, same amount as the coconut oil they use. In the frosting, I’d use all or part vegetable shortening (not Crisco) with butter flavoring and or coconut oil with butter flavor instead of vegan butter. The flavor of vegan butter in frosting is off to me. Shortening and coconut oil with butter flavor is still vegan. You can even use regular coconut or shortening and add butter extract.

  2. Can I get someone to confirm if the sprinkles used in this video are COMPLETELY vegan? I’ve heard some brands use a honey extract to make them extra crunchy. You have to watch out for these things…

  3. Why do vegan people get a bad rep? It may be because some vegans are arrogant and all that, but wth. People I know are vegan for health reasons and actually want to eat animal products.

  4. If I could make a request, can you make a cupcake that is corn, gluten and dairy free? My MIL has a lot if health issues and to make a dessert she can eat would be awesome.


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