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Ultimate Super Bowl Snack Food Recipes • Tasty

Who’s pumped for the Super Bowl?! Make these delicious snacks for your watch party 🏈

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  1. Thank God tasty showed me how to make pizza! Until this minute the process was a total mystery to me! 🙄 Also, is this just a commercial for Pilsbury?

  2. I hate this video, why can't I just open my oven with those dishes instantly made. Our scientist need to stop wasting time looking out in space and get that Star Trek replicator made. 😤

  3. not to be obvious but this video should been out a few days before the Super Bowl not the day before

  4. Super Bowl day, and I haven't gone to bed yet. It is currently 12 : 48 am where I am. I also have church in the early morning. Sorry for wasting your time with my rambling. Have a wonderful day!

  5. If you wanna learn any recipes in tasty channel just put big among of cheese 🧀 on everything and done you mastered everything

  6. So much work fry up some store bought mozzarella sticks, make or order some wings, order a pizza, add some tortilla chips with dip and call it day. Sheesh.


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