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The Ultimate Gingerbread House And Cookie Guide

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  1. !!! Guys, I found the templates that people are asking about. is what it's called. Seriously, why didn't they include them when they said they would?

    Also, I'm trying to follow their video to do this. I'm using another recipe, but when I did the Jolly Rancher windows (and my word it was hard to find Jolly Ranchers in stores), it made the walls hard to take off the pan because we used a normal baking pan with no butter or wax paper. DO NOT DO THIS! Please make sure that you put on wax paper or something to put on the pan to help. When we took them off, the walls got all destroyed.

    Once again, link is so go there and save yourself the trouble of not knowing where to find the stinking templates. Hope this helps!

  2. My 3 year old granddaughter found a gingerbread ornament her mother had made when she was 3 years old. My granddaughter asked if I would make gingerbread that we can eat then she said “and of course to make gingerbread ornaments”. Next Christmas I will make a gingerbread house with her. Thank you for this delicious recipe

  3. wow looks amazing every year we make ginger bread houses its amazing always fun of bringing everyone together love your videos

  4. It's interesting, that in America, people are afraid of raw egg whites. I always use fresh egg whites in Germany and there is no problem eating it in royal icing. There is so much sugar in the recipe and on top it's fully dry, so that the eggs won't go bad.
    Until I was an adult, I had never heard of pasteurized egg whites.

    But maybe it's because the eggs get washed in the US and that's why they're more vulnerable to salmonella.

  5. The gingerbread cookie recipe was a flop for me. Tried it twice with my sister’s and followed the recipe to a T but it did not work out for us 🙁


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