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Seared Duck Breast And Potatoes

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  1. Why is everyone so pissy about the duck being medium rare, it's red meat… You ever eaten a well done steak? It's ruined, same with duck.

  2. Sauce was too sweet for my culinary style. I ended up making a homemade demi glace and for the sauce I did 1/2 red wine 1/2 demi 2 tbsp honey 2 tbsp shallots then strained it. Potatoes could also be propped up with a tbsp or two of butter in the duck fat but not necessarily needed but would probably be best when pairing with a green that is more "girthy" than arugula

  3. Guys disclaimer, dont cut the duck like she did, in the beginning, always cut it around 80-90 percent through you dont want to see the meat when you do


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