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Quick-Roasted Veggie Bowl Recipe • Tasty

This quick-roasted veggie bowl makes a super easy weeknight dinner, especially with fresh vegetables from Kroger!

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  1. yall love to complain all the time 🙄 the oil is what makes it taste good but of it bothers you, use a silpat to roast the veg and you don’t need oil, and you can probably leave it out of the dressing because tahini has fat anyway

  2. How many people is that supposed to feed? I can understand putting in that much effort and dirtying that many dishes to make dinner for a family, but for one person? Come one!

  3. Do you not know what a mixing bowl is? And I love how a 50 step recipe of things that need to be cooked at different times is called "quick". This is literally one of the most complicated recipes I've seen in a while. Total fail.


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