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Nicaraguan Vigorón and Tajadas

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Cat Alvarado

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  1. I must be a superwoman or something but where I'm from (Trinidad) we munch on raw yuka aka cassava all the time. Of course we don't just chump down on it like a meal but while peeling and preparing it for recipes it's ok to snack on a little piece. Never been sick from it once.

  2. Ese no es el vigoron que se hace en mi país, para comenzar cómo base no utilizamos las hojas de lechuga aquí se utiliza las hojas de plátano y no lo acompañamos con tajadas fritas 🤢 para la próxima no estaría demás investigar aún más sobre los platillos típicos de un país

  3. Out of all the things our country has to offer and you choose this? This is easy shit. No no I'm not happy. I want to see yall make nacatamales!!!! Now that's a representation of our country!!!!

  4. My old neighbors are from Nicaragua and in every special ocasion they make vigoron and it tastes sooooo good.

  5. Now to finish it all off it would be great with pork con achote. My mom used to make this all the time, but without the yuca because my mom was too lazy to boil it (I️ think)

  6. yay so glad to see Nicaragua on tasty! Nicaragua gets over looked alot. Anyways hope to see more Nicaraguan recipes, but authentic ones!💙


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