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How To Make Classic Beef Stew • Tasty

Warm your soul with classic beef stew! Learn how we make this hearty meal using Kroger’s freshest meat 🥩

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  1. So you literally published this video with narration about braising beef a week ago. Could you at least wait more than a week before recycling content?

  2. Hi Tasty team, can you please do a Tasty 101 video of those savoury American style biscuits? I like them alot but I'm very intimidated because of the fact that everyone stresses the dough needs to be kept cold to be successful. I would appreciate it alot. Thanks!

  3. Is it normal to eat noodles or pasta with beef stew? Where I'm from in England we add chopped potatoes and or suet dumplings as a carb.

  4. Nice 👍… remove the red wine and the simmering hours you get the Nigerian 🍅 stew..

    Posted one on my channel incase you curious 😉

  5. Tasty is efficient af. Literally madr a video about Braised Beef not too long ago and then just reused their footage from there to make this.

  6. My mom always wonders how I pull dinner out of my ass, having never cooked until like a year ago.

    Little does she know, I just watch tasty vids all the time 👁️👄👁️


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