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Game Day Sheet-Pan Appetizers // Presented by Reynolds

Make 3 appetizers in 1 sheet pan using Reynolds Wrap® to keep your guests fed on game day!

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  1. Ah, artichoke hearts, something I ONLY ever see in american recipes though I imagine there are others… still. Lots of american, especially vegan recipes. Btw, you're not expecting your guests to be real hungry during the game are you if that's all the appetizers that are? Or is that a thing with game day? you go out after the big game? We don't have game day in Norway so I'm curious heh.

  2. What was the point of separating everything? None of them made juices, so they never affected the other food.

  3. Does anybody know here , how bad aluminum sheets are for the environment? The production needs extremely much energy and after you used it once , you throw it away . Aluminum does not decompose like vegetables ….. please overthink your use of plastic and aluminum. In Germany we have many alternatives to aluminum sheets, like sheets out of paper or reuse able ones


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