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Fresh Farmers Market Vs. Store-Bought Ingredients: Apple Pie • Tasty

Does buying local really matter? Join Merle as she tries to figure out if the locally sourced ingredients in her apple pie will win out over the pie made with all store-bought ingredients.

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  1. These preachy “I don’t even know what the ingredients are” attitude is what makes these people so annoying
    I’d be much more down for this concept and video if it wasn’t so pretentious

  2. How are you on a culinary channel and not know what dextrin is? I can't even watch the rest of this video. Be honest Tasty.

  3. I've worked at like ~10 farmers markets and probably 80% of produce stands just buy wholesale from the same places as grocery stores. In some states/cities you're given a sign that says whether or not you grew the produce, but for a lot of farmers markets there isn't.

  4. Why is it ok to give high praise to a local farmer in your area and degrade one in another. Just because some produce is “store bought” you are still supporting American farmers. And no is not that factory farm propaganda. It’s middle class farms working day in and day out to feed the world and just to have videos like this degrading them.

  5. This is downright snobbish. These people act like they actually have time to visit farmer’s markets on the weekend. The rest of us don’t have time to bake or spend a lot of time cooking. I understand that they want to show the benefits of organic/ locally sourced ingredients, but it’s difficult to live that lifestyle in a big city, especially if it costs more money than going to a regular grocery store.

  6. A lot of times, sellers at farmers markets will literally buy fruit and veggies from the grocery store. So you are literally paying 2-3x as much for the exact same product.
    (Some do grow their own food but it's rare.)

  7. I liked the idea of the video ( I'm a fan of supporting local and small businesses) BUT my problem with this video is the execution. I mean, what's going on with the difference between those 2 pies? Weren't they made by the same person? The filling was different, the crust, the amount of filling, everything. I bet the measurements were different too. This wasn't a fair comparison. Also, I would have loved to see the time ( including the trip to buy the ingredients) and money spend. Whenever I go to the market in my city I buy a hella lot more stuff than I do in the supermarket with the same amount of money, the only problem it's that it takes me 1.5hrs to get there because of this my trips have to be planned and coordinated, not just random. That's a big factor to take into account.

  8. I feel like there were too many variables other than where the ingredients came from. For example: the type of pan, amount of filling( There was considerably more in the locally sourced one), thickness of the crust, and the shape of the crust ( for instance there appeared to be much more crust of the store bought ingredients pie).

    She should have made it a blind taste test and not let them know there was a difference in order to get unbiased opinions.

    P.S. The people commented on stuff like the store bought being much too sweet, and I understand the taste of the apples would be different but didn't she highly suggest that she couldn't get locally sourced sugar? So where did all this extra sickening sweetness come from??? ( This is a genuine question because I want to know how much of this is BS and how much is actually accurate)

  9. I used to live where I had a dwarf Pippin tree. Most of the apples sold today have some Cox’s Orange Pippin in their genetic background. Because these apples came from my front yard, they could not have been any more local or fresher. So, yes, they made the absolute best apple pies and apple sauce. However, if you get certain types of apples such as Pink Ladies, they are actually better eating apples when they are stored for a few weeks. The flavors mellow, but since they have thicker skins, they store very well. So, when you go to your local farmers’ market, ask questions about the apple type and the suggested purpose. There’s a lot more apple types out there than Granny Smiths.

  10. I honestly don’t understand how the consistency of the crust or the level of sweetness changed if the recipe was exactly the same?

  11. Calling BS. Didn't even try to make them equally attractive. If attraction wasn't the same, what else differed? So, let's all go back to eating beets and cabbage all winter? Because at one time, that's what "locally sourced". meant. Modern technology and transportation is not "killing the planet". Want to know how this world will actually end? Find yourself a Bible and read the book of Revelations. God controls the Earth.


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