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Fall Flavored Fruit Rollers

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  1. The one who did the new fruit roll recipes (all but the apple) seemed very rushed with it? Idk usually when I see the behind the scenes of the tasty crew they always want the end result & process to look nice and clean. Most of the time they'd make it again if the results were not visually appealing. I think the use of scissors to cut the rolls was probably the most rushed and messy part of the video.

  2. This person has really nice hands. Yeah, I know, so not a food-related comment. I just happen to notice these things…

  3. Oh, look at these great fruit rolls, I've never tasted them because I live in the ass of the world. It looks like a great tasty snack for not taking weight. It's also obviously vegan, I could cook it with my vegan friend. In addition it is certainly suitable for conscious consumptions, it is about keeping the oven on for only six hours.

  4. No thnx ,I'll just eat the sweet apples raw with some honey. 6hrs is a long time and the electricity bill will make you enough to be on street!

  5. There are so many negative comments on every video that tasty posts. Atleast they make the effort to churn out videos regularly.

  6. at the temperature of 80'c it kinda makes sense why you have to bake it for 6 hours but there is still a pretty good chance of burning them


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