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Cinnamon Frangipane Tarts Recipe • Tasty

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Cinnamon Frangipane Tarts Recipe • Tasty

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  1. As somebody from the UK, I got waaay too excited they used grams instead of cups (please more recipes with grams- or conversions in the description box :))

  2. Everbody always says "early" whys doesn't anyone ever say "late" so weird flex but im going to say it

  3. This is completely irrelevant and off topic but when it said braeburn apples I immediately thought of Jaiden animations and her absolute disgust of braeburn apples.

  4. Most commercial cinnamon is cassia cinnamon, it is very high in coumarin, which is not at all good for you. I'd suggest you avoid brands like Schwartz and go for an organic ceylon cinnamon from a specialist, this is so much lower in coumarin and is genuinely good for you.

  5. What am I missing – I can't find a link to the recipe. This recipe isn't listed on the tasty website. I guess I have to watch it, pause repeatedly and write it down?


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