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Challenging Dessert Recipes That Will Gain You Professional Chef Status • Tasty

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  1. I see you reposting old content in longer videos to satisfy the YouTube algorythm, tasty.
    And you were doing so well with your producers on camera.
    Like, seriously, stop, this is bad content.

  2. It annoys me so much they don't mix the eggs before adding it to boat load of other ingredients…. You get the possibility of it not mixing well enough and making cooked egg parts in whatever you're making.

    If don't want to do that, add ingredients gradually, not just dump it in all together and then try to mix it all….

  3. For those who want to actually try difficult desserts to improve themselves, the only things worth trying are the mirror glaze cake and the éclair. Everything else is simple for intermediate chefs, just time consuming. Mirror glaze and éclairs are challenging on the first time and are actually used often by professional chefs.

  4. Since when did strawberry, chocolate and matcha green tea become a good flavour combination? 🤮

  5. I'm still waiting on that angel food cake peach custard cool whip cheesecake jello birthday cake brownie coconut eggnog gingerbread ice cream lady finger toffee tiramisu pancake red bean pudding orange bon bon butterscotch pumpkin peanut cotton candy fondant fudge jelly bean almond licorice marzipan mint nougat chocolate icing sherbet plum chocolate blueberry macaroon tea cake whoopie pie banana Boston cream caramel gummy bear churro coca cola maple donut popsicle sno ball milkshake fig cinnamon roll cream puff cherry cobbler lemon flan creme brulee cranberry Sprite swiss roll

  6. I think it’s disrespectful to make claims that recipes will make you a professional chef. Professional anything is more than mastering a single recipe, it’s time, effort, working in a professional setting and gaining specific skills. It’s not watching a Buzzfeed video and successfully replicating a recipe that Buzzfeed deems difficult. (And for those who are reading this and thinking wow, serious much? Some people who see this title might take this seriously so yup. Also, I have friends who are Chefs and Buzzfeed wasn’t their chosen path to success.)

  7. It would have been great if you wrote what they were making before starting to show it -_-
    Behind Tasty is sooo great.
    Actual Tasty… -_- meh


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