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A Holiday Macaron Tower To Impress Your Entire Family

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  1. I made these and they turned out SO good!🥰Some cracked on top but to prevent that let the macarons sit out before backing for an hour or more. This is so they can form a thick skin on top:)

  2. Ok, don't follow this macaron recipe. It is not specific enough to efficiently allow other people to have success when making macarons. First of all, this person did not sift their almond flour and powdered sugar, which is a small step that can create beautiful macarons, secondly, this person is using a macraon recipe in cups. DONT DO THAT! Macarons require such precision that you should always measure in grams, and if you're too lazy to go out and buy a kitchen scale then you're not good enough to make macarons. Lastly, they did a horrible job showing batter technique. Folding the batter is the most single important part of making macarons. Everything, I repeat, everything can go wrong in this stage. If you want to know how to do macarons right I suggest you don't follow this video, lastly, this part is for cosmetic reasons so you don't have to go and invest on a silicon mat but personally, I would use a silicon mat instead of parchment paper. This causes the macarons to stay a in a nice even circle, which would help them fit on the tree better. Ok folks, that's my ted talk.

  3. Also, you're supposed to add sugar gradually to your meringue. If you add all at once you risk deflating the meringue. Also, adding sugar slowly creates a stronger meringue so your macarons are more likely to work. Your meringue will have a even more likely chance to deflate if your sugar has lumps in it. Don't do this, please.

  4. There are so many things wrong in this video. I can't deal! The icing sugar and almond meal is not sifted, the mixture is lumpy and not mixed all the way through, the macarons are all lopsided, not round, etc., etc. This is definitely not the best how to video out there! Cool concept, but sloppy execution! 😛


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