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9 Recipes For Chocolate Lovers

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Chocolate stuffed strawberries:

Cookie Dough Cheesecake

Chocolate galaxy bark:

Chocolate-covered cheesecake bites:

Cookies & Cream Puffs

Triple chocolate scones:

Chocolate raspberry cups:

Chocolate pretzel poke cake:

Chocolate hazelnut Souffle

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  1. As a Chocolate Lover I mostly love only two kind of Chocolate: Standard chocolate pieces and sometimes melt chocolate. Cakes ? It's wasting of chocolate for me 😛

  2. Ok maybe slow down the video and give exact measurements rather than just dumping everything in cause this video was so fast I farted whilst watching it

  3. I mean I like fast but I don't even know the recipe at this rate… is this a trick so we watch more of the videos to find the recipe? I don't know but it's working! I love chocolate <3


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