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7 Recipes To Help Keep Your Resolution • Tasty

Don’t give up yet on your resolution to eat healthier! Here are some recipes to keep you motivated!

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  1. uses skim milk instead of cream *still decides to eat pasta BECauseeeee its whole grain which makes it SOOO much healthier right??? lmao ffs give me a break

  2. LOL a lot of these are fattening recipes hiding behind some fresh innocent ingredients. But ofc top it off with baked fish and veggies 😂

  3. Is it just me but do some of these recipes seem healthy and others seem like you might as well eat the unhealthy version? 🤔🤷🏾‍♀️

  4. Guys I’ve seen a lot of comments about people not sticking to their resolutions anymore and I just want to remind you to NOT give up on those new years resolutions because too many times people give up on themselves and start eating whatever the hell they want! 🙅‍♀️ There are substitutes for foods and if your goal is to lose weight remember that the process is slow and quitting won’t speed it up! ❤️ Not sayin it’s going to be easy but it’ll be worth it I promise 💯 YOU ARE ON THE WAY TO A BETTER VERSION OF YOU 😁….If you don’t believe in yourself I DO! I believe in you! You got this 💪 I know you guys will succeed and hope this helped at least one person out there to keep going ❤️ Hope your having a good day beautifuls !❤️


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