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5 Mouth-Watering And Juicy Lamb Recipes

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  1. Some people eat dog meat in my country;
    I have tried it before, it has a similar taste to lamb or veal depending on how it is seasoned/marinated and the cooking method.

  2. Beware, there are many people finding where the lamb sauce is in this comment section…

    I warned you.

  3. You should never ever cook yoghurt like that its going to get grainie and Sour, you habe to Temper it with warm liquid and Consistantly Stir it.

  4. When I saw the notification: "I haven't had lamb in ages! Wonder why?" After watching time consuming recipes: "Oh yeah, that's why."

  5. Everything is nice except briyani. Don't say briyani it's a lamb gravy with white rice. And basmati rice is not suitable for briyani.

  6. I am an Indian Lamb biryani should not be done like that raisins in biryani🙄😛😅 no I am from Hyderabad in India city famous for biryani we don’t put raisins but I want to try


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