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5 Low-Carb Meal Recipes To Start Off Your Year Right • Tasty

Start your year with these delicious and healthy low-carb meal recipes!

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  1. I really wish you would go back to the format of 1 video = 1 recipe. These “5 recipes” clips are annoying especially if one only like 1 out of 5 recipes and putting the recipe’s name at the end of the demonstration is also annoying (like buying a book but not being able to know the title of it until you’ve read it all)

  2. Sweet potato’s are actually healthy for you a lot of models and fitness people include it in their diets… but ya wouldn’t eat any of this if your trying to be heathy just stick to lean protein, healthy fats, veggies, and some fruit also low carb can be an aspect of an healthy meal but doesn’t mean the meal is overall healthy.

  3. “Low carb” then throws in a potato and tortilla recipe at the end because they expect no one to watch the full way through.

  4. First problem with most of these recipes: too much salt. Carbs aren't actually bad for you if you watch your intake, but salt just stocks on top of your muscles and you then feel like you haven't lost weight.
    Second: Dairy is full of sodium and cholesterol, which doesn't show but is extremely unhealthy for your heart. Salt isn't needed whilst using cheese. Cheese is also full of fat.
    Third: That egg 'omelette' isn't so much an omelette. It's a crepe, if anything. Egg whites also don't have a lot of nutrients. People are looking for 'low cholesterol' since they're intaking too much salt from such things like: cheese, too much meat, oh-MORE CHEESE, etc.
    Fourth: Sweet potatoes are, btw, carbs. A medium sweet potato is 26g of carbs (search that on google quickly).
    Fifth, brown sugar is literally carbs. Google that. Carbs are sugar(s). Period.
    Sixth: all vegetables are mainly carbs, they're less dense in calories and fill up your stomach more than say: pasta or bread.
    Seventh: That eggplant looks so over cooked, it'll just be slime.
    Eighth thing that I see is literally bacon. Come on dudes. It's got a TON of grease, and then frying POTATOES in the bacon grease. So, cholesterol and sodium is the answer? Wrong.
    Afterwords, sausage; cholesterol and grease. Add cheese and a white tortilla to the mix, so more cholesterol and carbs.

    Just so I'm clear here: I am not here to just bash tasty, and the comments aren't 'just getting dark'. People making these videos just have to do a bit of research and get educated.
    Most people do not know how to properly diet, and that's the sad truth. I am here to point out the flaws that could be alternated with ACTUAL healthy ingredients.
    Cholesterol, sodium and poor dieting is the main cause of heart disease, and that's why so many people are on medications just to keep their heart health "level".
    If you want the real truth follow holistic nutrition.

  5. Wow Tasty, you should actually check the carbs in these recipes before including them in a LOW CARB video. Recipes look great, but not low-carb.

  6. Can you guys please add some new recipes and not ones you posted months ago. 😕😑

  7. Being a vegetarian, I always turn to carbs. So glad you made this to give me some inspiration to cut down on the carbs but satisfy me

  8. Tasty, maybe you could find someone who is actually on a low carb diet and let them make something. There are lots of good dishes that really don't have a bunch of carbs in them, unlike so many of yours. You could make meatballs, or chicken with mushroom gravy, or a crustless quiche with cream and eggs and gruyère cheese and bacon that are all extremely low in carbohydrates.


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