Roasted chicken breast with cherry
A gorgeous roast for one

Roasted chicken breast with cherry
  • Gluten Free
  • Spicy
  • Vegan

Why save a roast for when the family come over? This mini version's great any day of the week




Preheat the range to really 200°C/400°F/fuel 6(six). Apply one backyard hen silicone, possessing skin area remaining on, within the pan. Put four slim kindling of asparagus vegetables, 6(six) cut in half scarlet onions as well as having the foliage from one twig fresh organic (if possible) basil and also a whole entire twig of basil also. Push everything and a smidge of salt and lately areas dark colored sprinkle in conjunction with a trickle of fish. Set the vegetables towards a tinfoil carton and add the backyard hen and basil twig on the top. Period perfectly. Increase red wine whiskey and grill throughout the range for 25 to really 35 moments. Help drizzled by using balsamic cider.

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15 min
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Adjust Servings:
200g Cheese
3 pieces Bacon
400g Tomatoes
300g Beef Neck
200g Onions
150g Milk

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Antipasti of mozzarella, chilli, & lemon crostini
Green veggies with flavoured butter

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